8.30amWelcome coffee
9.30amPerfectly synchronised musical opening
9.45amRudy de Waele (Human Works Design)
The age of consciousness is coming
10.10amYael Rozencwajg (Blockchain Israel) #DigitalFood
Blockchain in the agrifood industry
10.30amNicolas Maynard (Amazon) #DigitalAssistant
Arrival of Alexa in France: How to create a local experience
11.20amIris de Villars (42 Entrepreneurs) #DigitalLove
Sex and SexTech - a good team?
11.45amAlexandre Lissy (Mozilla) #DigitalAssistant
Common Voice, crowd-sourcing applied to the voice
[Battle] Who will be the driving force, consumers or producers?
12.45- 2pm Lunch (at City Hall for XL Pass only)
[Performance] Electro fruits
2.15pmYann Lechelle (Snips) #DigitalAssistant
The challenges of voice interface
2.35pmXavier de Baillenx (Meetic) #DigitalLove #DigitalAssistant
Lara, the first dating chatbot
2.55pmPhilippe Goldman, Thierry Graffagnino (Ekim) #DigitalFood
Pizza robots - the food robolution is coming
[Battle] Is France ready to develop the LoveTech business?
4.35pmJean-Philippe Bécane (Google) #DigitalAssistant
Voice assistants - the platform of tomorrow
5.00pmPolly Rodriguez (Unbound) #DigitalLove
SexTech: The Next Trillion Dollar Industry
5.20pmConclusion performance
6.30pm(XL Pass only) VIP Cocktail