La Digital Tech 2019: large format!!

Five years in and still with the same passion for tech and innovation: La Digital Tech, a flagship event in Brittany, has the golden touch and is back in fine form in December. The large format 2019 La Digital Tech is in a new location, with new partners and plenty of surprises.

In 2019, health and wellbeing, digital creativity and artificial intelligence are in our thoughts, whether we are conscious of it or not. To a certain extent, we are all this face of La Digital Tech 2019: trying to understand, if not predict, where these technologies, which are already so involved in our lives, will lead us.

It promises to be good and Le Poool is working hard on it. Together with Destination Rennes and Inria, we are designing the 5th La Digital Tech Conference. Bigger than ever, at the all-new Rennes Conference Centre. More instructive than ever, now with a schedule of masterclasses and workshops in addition to the conferences. More exclusive than ever, with a rare opportunity to meet our world famous speakers, in small groups. And more practical than ever, with our new demo space for companies that innovate.

A tailor-made day

So that’s what’s new at the 2019 La Digital Tech Conference, enhancing the usual format of conferences in contrasting formats, from traditional keynote speeches to original debates. “On the 6th of December in Rennes, everyone can tailor their day”, announces Claire Hardy, Director of Events and Communities at Le Poool. “We’re constantly listening to our ecosystem of entrepreneurs, researchers, students, investors, etc., and we’re innovating this year by allowing everyone to create their own Digital Tech experience based on their interests, lifestyles and budgets. This combination of conferences, networking, and direct interactions with the speakers, in Brittany, all completely bilingual in French and English… makes La Digital Tech a truly unique experience!”

It remains to be seen, in exactly which direction the next #digitalTC will lead us! We’ll hand over to Inria, the French research institute for digital sciences, which, this year, is proposing we embark for planet AI, awaken our connected creative instincts and even enjoy a health / well-being treatment.

So who’s going to be there on 6 December in Rennes? Want to know names? Patience, there’ll be more information very soon.

In the meantime, here’s everything to need to rekindle those (very) fond memories!!