What future for sex?

After studying finance, Iris de Villars signed up to Xavier Niel’s 42 school, where she co-founded 42 Entrepreneurs which helps students create businesses.

SexTech has nothing to be ashamed of!

Iris is also coordinator of SexTechLab, the first sextech hackathon held in Paris in 2017: “On the side, I support a lot of entrepreneurs in this field as there’s not a lot of help out there. I’m also in the process of creating LoveTech, a collective that brings people together, not only entrepreneurs but people from different backgrounds to reflect on the pleasures of love and technology.”

“The surge in the number of dating sites led me to question how people meet.  It has become increasingly electronic and fast, you get the impression that you can meet people very fast. But ultimately when you take a good look at it, it has the opposite effect and I started becoming interested in all these questions, to consider how technology could impact sexuality and love in the future.”

And that’s going well, as Digital Love is one of the three main themes of the 2018 edition of the Digital Tech Conference!

Love better and more thanks to technology?

When you ask Iris about the content of her future speech in November, you quickly understand that innovation in the sex world raises numerous issues at all levels: “Are innovations like sex dolls and sex robots really the future of sex or ‘only’ the future of sex toys? I’d like to address the question of what is human, where does the human aspect fit in all these products? You may think that all these products enable us to love better and love more, but they also drive us to more-solitary pleasure. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but what are human beings ultimately looking for?  Instant gratification or much more than that? A relationship or solitary pleasure?

Are these new innovations really a revolution when you realise that the clitoris was for the first time ever illustrated in a school textbook last year. What would really revolutionise our sex life? 

The future of sexuality through the prism of technology, a massive topic! Let’s start by thinking about it now, while waiting for some possible answers in November!