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Can data contribute to well-being?

As you probably know, the Fifth Digital Tech Conference will take place on December 6 – at the Couvent des Jacobins, in Rennes. If you want to know more about the program, here is a preview of our guest speaker: Jaana Sinipuro.

The hospital of the future The right balance between a digital and a patient experience

Digital Transformation impacts all sectors, public or private. Healthcare is a prime target with the advent of telemedicine and the gradual deployment of “My Health 2022” strategy, initiated by the Government. Séverine Arnaud, Director Digital Marketing in charge of patient care solutions at Hoppen, shares with us her vision of the hospital of the future…… Read more »

Is Artificial Intelligence as creative as man is?

Artificial Intelligence feeds fears and fantasies. This technology worthy of the best sci-fi scenarios is now a reality. It is also a key technology for innovative companies, in all sectors and fields. Jean-François Goudou, guest speaker at the Digital Tech Conference, has been working (nearly) all his life on that technology. From the basics of… Read more »

Health & well-being: live quantified, live well!

Health concerns us all, as does wellbeing! But that’s not the only reason we chose to explore these subjects at this year’s La Digital Tech Conférence. Let us tell you a bit more about it…