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Digital food at the heart of our menu

The 4th La Digital Tech Conference is taking inspiration from common practices to devise the future of agriculture and food in particular. On the menu, expert speakers on safety processes, food, waste reduction, etc. linked to digital technology. 

Yael Rozencwajg: on the cutting edge of digital food

An unusual profile such as that of Yael Rozencwajg is born out of years of wandering, or out of serendipity – the art of discovering something without really seeking it out, but without leaving everything to chance, by seizing opportunities when they present themselves. That is how Yael Rozencwajg has operated. After 15 years of… Read more »

Good-bye fast food, vive la good food (tech)?

Blithely discussing robotics and food in the same breath in Bocuse country where lunch-breaks exceeding 45 minutes are the norm, may well raise eyebrows. Nonetheless, we’re salivating at the thought of hearing Philippe Goldman, CEO of Ekim, talk about robots and pizza dough!