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The three key factors of creativity

It is difficult to put Gareth Loudon in a category, as his work career is so rich – and in the end, it is all for the better. Gareth is an interdisciplinary engineer, a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Professor of creativity at the Cardiff School of Art and Design. Over… Read more »

Is Artificial Intelligence as creative as man is?

Artificial Intelligence feeds fears and fantasies. This technology worthy of the best sci-fi scenarios is now a reality. It is also a key technology for innovative companies, in all sectors and fields. Jean-François Goudou, guest speaker at the Digital Tech Conference, has been working (nearly) all his life on that technology. From the basics of… Read more »

Digital creativity: this fabulous FabLab

Has everything already been said about digital creativity? Certainly not! So, without further delay, let’s begin the fascinating discussions of 6 December at La Digital Tech Conférence.