Can data contribute to well-being?

As you probably know, the Fifth Digital Tech Conference will take place on December 6 – at the Couvent des Jacobins, in Rennes. If you want to know more about the program, here is a preview of our guest speaker: Jaana Sinipuro.

Project Director at Sitra, an independent Finnish think tank, Jaana has been working for the last two years in a project of European and international scope on rethinking the data economy to create wealth for everyone. A new equitable economic model for all. Awareness, action, experiments. Jaana Sinipuro insists that: “Sitra is not just a think tank, it’s also a do tank”.

Towards infinity and beyond (the data)

The so-called big data start evading us. All the devices and all the services we use currently massively collect this very valuable information. Machines process huge information flows and people are loosing control. We can give our express consent to the collection of our private data from the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation-EU), but we have no idea – and no way of knowing – what happens to the data!

For Jaana Sinipuro, it is critical to set new rules that will apply to all the countries, and all public/private entities. A transparent handling of data is at issue and the processors of the data must be trustworthy. Jaana Sinipuro does not deliver militant speeches. She is pragmatic and convincing: we must develop a new, equitable data economy, focused on people. It is called a human-driven data economy. It is not a question of locking the data, facilitating sharing it to create a real for all.

Data & well-being

Jaana and her team are working on a new business model to streamline and secure data shared with third parties, while letting people stay in control. We must all be aware of the issues at stake, and we have to be knowledgeable of the technology involved. Once the context is set, the potential uses of data will rise and their economic value will take a completely new meaning: it will contribute to people well-being.

Any examples? You are in 2020, travelling to Tokyo. Unfortunately, you get sick and you have to go to hospital. Thanks to your personalized medical file, accessible by the institution, the medical team can prescribe the treatment best suited to your condition, your health history, your allergies… The same goes for health coaches – physical or virtual – who will access your medical data, coupled with the data you can enter yourself (food) or trace (via a connected object). Once compiled, the data will guarantee a customized follow-up by your nutritionist, or your sports coach… just for you. Health is an obvious area for the well-being of individuals, but this new economic model of data concerns all the business sectors – insurance, forest management, education… It is what Jaana Sinipuro will unveil in her keynote on Decem